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Remembering Who We Are

~ 50 Ways to Explore Your Soul's Story ~ an interactive blog for finding your voice and writing from your deepest source.

Other Books

* Remembering 1969 * The Life Story Interview * The Gift of Stories * The Beat of My Drum * Latino Voices in New England

Principles Guiding Our Evolving Consciousness

~ A Noetic Now essay previewing my next book.

Life Story Commons

~ We all have an important story to tell about the life we have lived. Sharing our stories helps us to recognize that we are all members of the human family ~ use this interactive resource to create your own life story or browse the archive of life stories.

In this exquisite exploration of the spiritual craft of soul-making, Robert Atkinson illumines the journey as well as the art and discipline that leads to spiritual transformation. This is as deep and profound a study that ever was of our double nature—finite and Infinite, God Seeds planted in a space-time vehicle, and thus always yearning, questing, drawn by the lure of becoming until we reach the destiny that has been guiding us all along. To read this magnificent study is to remember our original birthright and to commit again to following the path that leads us home to who and what we really are. ---Jean Houston , Ph.D., Author, A Mythic Life; and, The Search for the Beloved