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Join author Robert Atkinson the evening of June 12th to begin a “book read” of The Story of Our Time: From Duality to Interconnectedness to Oneness. This evening will be an introduction and overview of the book to get readers started on their own “read” of the book, which will be followed by an evening in early September when readers come back together to share with each other their experience of the book.

During these chaotic times, with divisiveness, discord and an unknown future, people want answers. The Story of Our Time addresses these issues from a big-picture perspective illustrating how cycles of history coincide with built-in periods of strife and conflict, leading to transformation and renewal. Framed by 7 unifying principles that are guiding our evolutionary leap forward, this is a book that inspires readers with hope.

In this timely and timeless book, Atkinson offers a deeply thoughtful narrative of conscious evolution drawn from the continuous wisdom of the world’s religions and spiritual traditions. The Story of Our Time traces love’s unifying power throughout history to its presence in our midst. This perspective of human progress points toward unity in diversity as our ultimate destination. How we get there depends upon the stories we live by and the action we take.