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Essays and Articles from The Story of Our Time

Parabola ~ Rays of One Light

The Shift Catalyst ~ The Oneness Pledge – Join the Global Movement of Our Time

Spirituality & Health Magazine ~ Love Eliminates All Forms of Prejudice

The Bodhi Tree Journal ~ The Dark Night of the Collective Soul 

The Edge Magazine ~ Deciphering Evolutionary Leaps of Consciousness – Did Darwin Discover Divinity?

The Bodhi Tree Journal ~ Love Is the Spiritual Activism of Our Time 

The Bodhi Tree Journal ~ The Global Movement of Our Time

Watkins Magazine: Mind Body Spirit ~ Love is the Spiritual Activism of Our Time

Common Ground Magazine ~ Love is the Underlying Force of Evolution



Interviews About The Story of Our Time

New Dimensions Radio ~ Viewing Human History as Spiritual Epochs

Spirit Matters ~ Conversations in Contemporary Spirituality

Yoga Hour on Unity.FM ~ Love’s Unifying Power

Love Maine Radio ~ From Duality to Oneness

Love (and Revolution) Radio ~ A Time of Great Change

Sacred Stories Media ~ The Interconnectedness of All Life