When we come right down to it, there is no way to get around it. There is a oneness beyond all dualities. All the world’s religions speak of this oneness in one way or another. The essential, underlying message, the common truth, that the sacred traditions of the world share, despite apparent contradictions and oppositions, is that there is harmony and unity at the source of all life. Even the inner life of humanity, which clearly undergoes many cycles of opposition, is founded upon this essential oneness.

Rumi, getting right to the heart of the matter, puts it this way:

I know nothing of two worlds,

All I know is the One.

I seek only One,

I know only One,

I find only One,

And I sing of only One.


The mystery of mysteries is that all pairs of opposites flow into each other and create a wholeness that represents completion, oneness, and unity. The essential dialectic of life, with the flowing of the opposites into each other, results in a synthesis that combines and transcends both pairs of opposites. The interplay between them creates an expansion and transformation of all of the elements, which then forms a new unity greater than the parts. This is the process that turns duality into oneness. And with this consciousness, we can spend our time basking in that realm of oneness.