Seeing through our own eyes, we tend to see distinctions, separations, and imperfections first. But looking through the eye of the Creator, we see the whole first, the spiritual reality of the holiness and oneness that is always right before our eyes.

This vision of oneness is what the force of love is leading us toward. The principle of altruistic love is built upon having—and acting according to—the knowledge of this oneness of all creation.

Active altruistic love, acceptance of the other without judgment or conditions, characterizes the highest levels of moral development. While selfish interests take over in the lower stages, as moral values become increasingly universalized we reach our fullest potential, and spiritual values win out.

If this innate capacity for altruism had not saved us from our own destruction in our earliest history as a human community, how much more has this been the case over the course of our long and troublesome recent history? Social aggression and conflicts, though at times characteristic of our social, economic, political, and even religious systems, are not representations of our true nature. They are, rather, distortions of the human spirit.

Humanity evolves, just as individuals do, through stages. From childlike innocence and vulnerability to grasping on to a preference for conflict and injustice, we are entering a time of more focused integration of our newfound abilities, while also acknowledging our growing responsibilities. We are currently approaching the end of humanity’s adolescent stage of moral development and its transition to maturity. With this comes an accompanying shift of emphasis from power seeking to pursuing moral and socially productive ends.