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Living a spiritual life is always a matter of conscious choice. In these times, when so many things call out to us, demanding our attention, we have to be conscious of how and where we expend our energies. Rather than allowing ourselves to get pulled in the direction of the dualities that want to separate us, or letting ourselves react in ways we might regret, we have to make a conscious effort to stay centered so we will be able to move toward the oneness that is intended to bring us together as one human family.

In my book, The Story of Our Time: From Duality to Interconnectedness to Oneness, I offer a full “Meditation For Living in Oneness” which applies the principle of Right Mindfulness to put aside all notions of duality and separateness and instead focus on what is essential and lasting – the oneness that pervades all of reality. This meditation – and the seven principles that frame the book – will help you feel more connected to the greater whole and give you a deeper sense of unity with all things.

To make this even more of a commitment, this brief but powerful Oneness Pledge …

 “In all my thoughts and actions,
I pledge to look on all things with the eye of oneness”

taken to heart and repeated regularly, can also change and elevate our level of consciousness, send out positive energies, and help shift us from a prevailing perspective of duality to a new and inclusive perspective of oneness.

An alternative form of the Oneness Pledge, that can become like a mantra, would be this Oneness Affirmation…

I see all things with the eye of oneness” 

All three versions are designed to promote a feeling of peace and love for – and from – all things. If used regularly, each of these can create a healthy habit that changes patterns and behavior, enabling us to live into a consciousness of oneness.

I suggest that one, or all three, of these be used regularly, with the immediate intention of noticing your everyday thoughts and actions as you move closer to experiencing a consciousness of oneness. An on-going intention would be to participate in helping to build a global culture of oneness.

Let’s help create an ever-expanding community in which everyone is committed to focusing their energies on building a culture of oneness. Please join this most vital global movement of our time by taking the Oneness Pledge!

In Oneness,

Robert Atkinson, PhD.