_DSC8444-EditThe story of humanity’s evolving consciousness is made up of many chapters built upon pluralities and dualities, yet it seems to have started with and appears destined to end with a strong sense of unity.

It is evident now that a consciousness of oneness – being able to recognize the power and primacy of the whole, as well as the validity of its parts – is what characterizes our time. Not only is this a principle of the mystic life, of interest to those who seek the ultimate reunion, but a guiding principle for everyone alive on the planet today, precisely because we all share a common future.

The living of one’s life according to the principle of union – or, carried to the practical level of the global village we live in, the principle of the oneness of humanity – and even the essential oneness of all life – is not merely a social commitment, or even an act of social justice, but a core spiritual belief designed to direct and guide every aspect of our lives toward the fullest achievement of what is humanly possible.

This is what all the transformations that have ever been experienced have been leading to. The principle of the oneness of humanity represents the higher synthesis of, and the resolution to all the difference and oppositions that are found in this physical realm. It is the apex of spiritual principles, meant to unite the opposites of the phenomenal world, and it has embedded within it the idea of service to and fellowship with all human beings, founded upon a love for humanity as a whole.

This journey of discovering who we are at our core, which is the journey of soul-making, is not only part of our sacred inheritance but the essence of our responsibility, as well; your soul-making contributes to mine, and mine buoys yours.