DSC_0017Telling our life story connects us to our soul. This connection gives us wings to elevate our life. Authentic, honest life storytelling stirs the soul and awakens its inherent qualities – like awe, love, unity, contentment, joy, and wonderment. It deepens and renews our life, while changing the way we see our life.

The important thing in telling our life story is to remember that out of the conflicts of life, or the muddles we’ve endured, come its resolutions. And it is life’s resolutions that allow us to soar in realms we had never seen before. The particular circumstances of our lives may not matter as much as how we see them. A change of perspective can come at any time we are ready to accept what has happened to us as okay and providing some meaning and purpose to our lives. The only thing we can change, anyway, about our past is the way we choose to look at it.

This reminds me of the bumper sticker, “It’s never too late to have a happy childhood.” That’s because the ability to find new or deeper meaning in our lives, no matter what has happened, can be the creative response that enables us to understand the flow of our lives, be accepting of it, and to truly experience transcendence and transformation.

Reflecting upon the particular circumstances of our life, whatever they may be, especially those things without which we would not be who we are today, provides us with the opportunity to recognize how, over time, we have been able to grow comfortable with these circumstances. Telling a story of how and why we have become grateful for the hand we have been dealt in this life enables us to see how we have actually already shifted our perspective (or how we still might be able to). Rather than trying to go back and change something in our past, this is the only way we will be able to see our life through a different lens, which will also give us a new or deeper sense of meaning about what did happen in our life, and maybe even a clearer sense of purpose, too. This may be the most important change of perspective we will ever experience.