Center for Spiritual Living Workshop ~ Personal Mythmaking and the Story of Our Time

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How the One Universal Law Impacts Individual and Collective Transformation in the Same Way ~

The process of transformation is carried out according to the same timeless pattern on both the micro and macro levels. Understanding how transformation works in our own lives will help us understand how the same process is playing out on a global level.

Beginning on the personal level, we explore the dilemma Carl Jung faced when he asked himself in his autobiography (what he called his personal myth) a question he couldn’t answer: “In what myth [i.e., sacred story] do we live today?” He understood that a vital relationship existed between knowing our own personal myth and the collective myth, or sacred story, of our time. Living our lives consciously allows us to access universal motifs, archetypes, and timeless patterns that illumine not only who we are but also why we are connected to all others.

Utilizing reflective thinking, meaningful conversation, and guided exercises, we delve into the deeper story of our lives, identifying its timeless elements, which gives us our own universal story reflecting the blueprint of the mythological journey of hero/ine:

  • Departure ~ The Signal for a New Life
  • Initiation ~ Struggles to Tempt and Temper us
  • Return ~ Finding the Balance and Living Consciously

We then build upon and expand our personal myth by exploring the unifying principles that are guiding the story of our time and that answer the most challenging questions of our time:

  • Is love the underlying force of evolution?
  • Is unity the purpose of justice?
  • Are reason and faith ultimately in harmony?
  • Is world peace not only a promise but also inevitable?
  • Does religion evolve?
  • How do we build a culture of oneness?