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Interfaith Seminary Workshop ~

The Story of Our Time: From Duality to Oneness to Interconnectedness

Our world is changing at a perilous yet promising pace. Learn the key role that interfaith/interspiritual leaders are playing in moving humanity towards oneness and discover how you can help in this process.

“In what myth do we live today?”
—C.G. Jung, from his autobiography

Living in a time of breakdown and renewal, our greatest need is “a star to follow” and our greatest challenge is “reorienting our vision” toward “the great ideals of the world’s religions,” according to Hungarian philosopher Ervin László.

At the mystic heart of all sacred traditions, including the Baha’i teachings of the mid 19th century, the independent investigation of reality is not only how we expand our individual consciousness to see humanity as one but also how we come to see reality as one. In this course, we will explore whether there is an unfolding sacred story guiding us with hope and affirming our common spiritual heritage. Ultimately, we will explore the signs pointing toward humanity’s coming of age as the story of our time.

This course is adapted from the presenter’s book The Story of Our Time: From Duality to Interconnectedness to Oneness, written with interfaith/interspiritual leaders in mind from the perspective that these leaders are playing a vital role in this next step of humanity’s evolution. We will focus on the transformation of consciousness that is already under way, as well as how the following seven unifying principles are guiding us toward a realization of our oneness:

  • Consciousness is a potentiality set in motion by an organic process
  • Love is the underlying force of evolution
  • Justice maintains the inherent balance of life
  • Unity is the result of the conscious confrontation of opposing forces
  • Reality is one, and global harmony is inevitable
  • Divinity is one, and all spiritual traditions are branches of one tree
  • Consciousness evolves toward wholeness and unity

This course will provide a variety of tools to integrate these perennial principles into our lives and regular practices. It will assist us in taking on the role of spiritual activist, midwife, or co-creator in helping the process of rebirth necessary for building a culture of oneness.