Out of necessity for our collective survival, we are now in the midst of the third phase of our collective evolution, a slow but inevitable process of reclaiming our consciousness of oneness. The transformation humanity is currently undergoing is evident in notions such as global consciousness, global economy, and world citizenship. These are the natural outcomes of where our process of evolution has been leading us. Living with the realization of our interdependency as one human community with one common heritage and destiny is the only sustainable worldview left for us to embrace.

This would complete the basic pattern of the collective evolution of humanity over our long history, the return to where we began, to oneness, or unity, but on an inclusive level. The pattern as a whole can thus be described as: oneness followed by duality followed by oneness, or unity of the group followed by the plurality of many groups followed by the unity of humankind.

These three stages can be further defined as inherent unity, followed by a transitional period of disunity, followed by intended unity. The intended unity we are faced with at this time in our evolution is a deep understanding, acceptance, and putting into action of the concept of unity in diversity on its largest scale.

“Unity in Diversity” is not just a slogan or a buzz phrase. It’s a way of explaining the principle of the oneness of humanity. It honors all the natural and unique forms of diversity that exist within the human family, from every ethnic group to each individual temperament. Diversity in the cultural and personal realms is just as vital and essential to the well-being of humanity as it is in the realm of the human gene pool. Putting the concept of unity in diversity into action would call for a wider loyalty, a broadening of affiliations without giving up any legitimate allegiances, and subordinating national interests for the greater good of a unified world.

This third stage, global unity in diversity, depends on the encouragement of the full participation of all groups and individuals in the life of the world community and the protection of the immense diversity of the human family. It would even become “a moral responsibility” to nurture and safeguard diversity.

To recap the pattern of our collective evolution, inherent unity is family and tribal unity, unity on the level of the most basic human unit. Intended unity is universal unity, on the largest possible scale. Yet only when we have achieved our intended unity on the universal level, will we recognize that that, too, is part of our inherent unity. Unity on this highest level is learned, and requires an acceptance of the concept of unity in diversity.