Justice is the cornerstone of an ever-advancing civilization; it is the one means capable of creating global harmony. As understood by the world’s sacred traditions, justice is the embodiment of divine order on earth.

Since antiquity, justice has balanced the scales of truth and fairness. Now, the fate of humanity in the 21st century depends upon the twin forces of love and justice bringing about equitable and just relationships on all levels. A gift from the Creator, justice is the primary tool with which we can work to fulfill our purpose on Earth. The practice of justice is the sign of compassion in action.

We live in an age of social justice on the largest scale imaginable. Justice is a powerful force for social equality, meant to bring about harmony and unity. Yet global justice is unattainable without the recognition of the oneness of humanity.

Ultimately, the full benefits of social justice will not be realized until justice is seen as a divine gift, a human capacity housed within the human soul. Justice and equity are the twin pillars that protect the well being of the peoples of the world. Social justice, fair-mindedness, compassion, generosity, consideration for others, and loving-kindness are divine attributes and qualities, part of our common spiritual heritage.

Justice opens hearts, reveals secrets of the soul, prepares the way for unity, and leads to the well being of humanity. Justice is the equalizer in all human affairs; it can moderate the extremes of wealth and poverty, create equality between women and men, and remove the hurdles of national rivalries, racial prejudice, religious strife, and class distinctions.