Justice is the embodiment of divine order on earth. It is a supreme force for moral rightness, social equality and harmony, and a central principle in all the world’s spiritual traditions. Among the conditions of a spiritually-based social order is a system of reward and punishment, the twin pillars of justice, which teach humanity to know the difference between right and wrong and to act accordingly.

Since antiquity, justice has balanced the scales of truth and fairness, as the cornerstone for the protection of human rights. Equitable and just relationships have evolved as human social interactions have become more complex. In our time, justice is the one means capable of harnessing the potentialities of globalization for the betterment and advancement of civilization. The fate of humanity in the 21stcentury depends upon the further unfolding of the two principles of unity and justice to bring about awareness of divine unity in the world of creation.

The challenge for achieving justice in our time is to turn toward oneness, realize the consciousness of the oneness of humanity, and allow justice to become the force for unity it is intended to be. A global system of unitive justice is the purest reflection of absolute unity possible on this earth.