Mystic knowing, or being aware of the existence of – and our direct link to – a sacred and holy realm, is an essential tool in the practice of remembering who we are. Identifying times in our lives when we came to this awareness can provide us with insights into our life’s meaning or purpose. Remembering when we have transcended our physical needs can give us a new understanding of our spiritual nature.

            Mystics throughout the centuries have sought union with that eternal realm while still living this life, each one standing upon the shoulders of those who went before. The 20th century English monk, Bede Griffiths, recalled the timeless mystic vision when he wrote, “There is a window in my consciousness where I can look out on eternity… then I discover my true Self, then I begin to see the world as it really is… Here all is one, united in a simple vision of being.”

            When we fix our eyes not on what is seen but on what is unseen, we begin the process of shifting our focus from the temporary to the eternal. When we look out onto eternity, we see the world as it is meant to be seen, and we remember who we really are. With this perspective, our struggles, losses, failures, and imperfections come into clearer focus and lead us closer to the mystery of our own essence, our own soul. When we learn to appreciate everything that we have been given that makes us the complex, mysterious being that we are, we are at the same time given a wisdom that comes from beyond. As we give up – or detach from – certain things that we thought we needed, we learn to embrace both the highs and the lows of life. This is how we cultivate an attitude of acceptance of all that our life is.