Could universal, unconditional love be The Creator’s Gift that was hidden within each and every person, as in the traditional indigenous story?

Once upon a time, a long time ago, the Creator called a meeting of all the people of creation, except the human people. When everyone else arrived, He said, “I have a special gift for human people, but they are not ready for it yet. Where should I put it so that they will not be able to find it, until they are ready for it?”

The Salmon people spoke first, and said, “If you give the gift to us, we will take it down to the bottom of the ocean where no human being will ever find it.”

The Creator said, “Thank you for your offer, but the gift will not be safe there because one day the human beings will build special machines to take them there.”

The great Buffalo people who roamed the vast prairies said, “We will bury it deep in the middle of the grasslands; there is nothing there to interest the humans.”

The Creator said, “One the day the humans will build cities and connect every part of the plains and grasslands with roads and railways and nothing will stay hidden.”

Then the Eagle people said, “We will take it to the moon.”

Once again, the Creator, in his infinite wisdom, said, “They will go there, too.”

These clever suggestions went on for most of the day, and each time the Creator gave His thanks to all the people of creation and explained that in their endless curiosity to explore every part of the world the humans would find it. 

After a long silence, Grandmother Mole, the shyest of all, tugged at the Creator’s clothing. He bent down, and she whispered into His ear.

Then the Creator smiled with delight, and all the Animal people felt His warmth. The Creator said, “That is the answer. We will put the gift for the humans within their own hearts. They will never think to look there!” And that is what they did.    

Rather than let its purpose remain unfulfilled, our challenge is to be conscious of this precious gift, bring it out, and pass it on to others.

Science now tells us that we have been hardwired to connect, cooperate, and to be empathic. Our Creator has embedded within us multiple gifts, or capacities, to achieve our potential in becoming the spiritual beings we already are. All we have to do is bring to the surface what has been buried within us to fulfill our potential.