The lamps are different.

But the Light is the same…

Concentrate on essence, concentrate on Light.



On this Global Oneness Day, what is Rumi really saying here, and what does he have to add to this most vital conversation of our time? He goes on:

The light streams toward you from all things,

All people, all possible permutations of good,

Evil, thought, passion,

But the Light is the same.

One matter, one energy, one Light, one Light-mind,

Endlessly emanating all things…

Ground yourself, strip yourself down,

To blind loving silence.

Stay there, until you see

You are gazing at the Light

With its own ageless eyes.

He seems to be getting at the essence of everything we need to know in this life: at our depths are we all connected; we are, each and every one of us, part of the one Light; what is true of the whole is true of the part; the personal is a reflection of the collective; humanity is one; Reality is one.

If it is true that one principle guides the entire creation, then how does the universe function? There is but one law of growth, one law of change, and one law of transformation that everything is subject to. One process, one pattern, characterizes growth and evolution on all levels at the same time.

The essence of transformation ~ muddle followed by resolution, or death followed by rebirth ~ is the same for the person as it is for society and civilization as a whole. The universe moves in patterned rhythms and cycles. History repeats itself. Civilizations rise, and they fall. Could the story of religion be any different? With every process of every form of evolution being part of the same Reality, rather than being sporadic or haphazard, might the unfolding of the world’s religions be linked as well to a purposeful pattern shaping our evolution?

The story each individual religion tells is one story, that of the gradual but progressive unfolding of consciousness toward a greater and greater recognition and understanding of oneness. The earliest shamans and spiritual leaders, fascinated by the mysteries of life, developed sacred ways of being, as have all the messengers of God, that provided divinely inspired guidance. As the strength and cohesiveness of one spiritual tradition began to wane, another arose and this birth, death, and renewal cycle was repeated across many millennia around the world.

This Great Mystery still intrigues us more than anything else. Whether we call the designer of this pattern “the One Spirit,” “the Infinite Essence,” or “the Hidden Secret,” there is perhaps no subject more compelling than sacredness and how our consciousness relates to it.

The most important change in our time, and by far the most vital, is a change in consciousness. Our evolving consciousness is leading us nowhere if not to a consciousness of oneness. A new civilization, built upon a consciousness of oneness, is arising in our midst.

The realm of Divinity is an indivisible oneness…

The organization of God is one; the evolution of existence is one;

The divine system is one…