The essence of our transformation of consciousness is knowing that we are one human family; this creates a consciousness of selfless, altruistic caring for all other members of our family. As love—the most powerful of all forces—continues to gain momentum, we will see the rise of a spiritual civilization. All the Prophets have come to support this strongest of universal forces, and to teach the principles of a morality upon which an inclusive and compassionate civilization can be built.

Our expansion of consciousness has led us to wider and wider expressions of altruistic love. With this as our modus operandi, conflict, disunity, or estrangement between people would simply not be possible, just as the force of gravity between two bodies could never push them apart. Both are entirely and always an attractive force.

Prejudice is a manifestation of love’s opposite force. When love prevails, any form of its opposite will be stifled. Love’s celebration in story, myth, and poetry across time and place has been greater than any of the other human capacities. Love’s supremacy means it is in the unique and powerful position of bringing about the realization of oneness in those who truly understand its meaning and purpose.

Whether a soldier on a battlefield protects another, or black and white march together for civil rights, their common commitment creates a deep bond of unity. Altruistic love that emerges in groups, especially under duress, transforms communities, cultures, and ultimately the world.

Love is the safeguard for human diversity. The realization of the oneness of the human race eliminates the notion that any one group is in some way superior to the rest of humanity. Any assertion of superiority is without foundation. Prejudice is a baneful heritage, due only to a limited consciousness, and will surely be replaced by the stronger force of love.

Too much of our history has been shaped by the disease of racism. Human dignity has been compromised and our evolution has been slowed by its influence, yet deliberate and sustained effort will overcome its devastating effects. As Chief Joseph has noted, “Much trouble and blood would be saved if we opened our hearts more.” Only “genuine love, extreme patience, true humility and prayerful reflection will succeed” in eliminating racial bias in human affairs. “Close your eyes to racial differences,” is Baha’u’llah’s counsel, “and welcome all with the light of oneness.”