That there are underlying principles to help us better understand the nature of evolution should help restore some of our faith in the future. Understanding things on the level of principles gives us a much better chance of finding answers to the perplexing questions of purpose, direction, and outcomes. This is why both science and religion are central players in the story of the evolution of consciousness.

Seven principles that could be said to frame and help demystify the concepts of consciousness, transformation, and reality are:

  1. Consciousness is a potentiality set in motion by an organic process. Now more than ever, the independent investigation of reality will unleash our full potential.
  2. Love is the underlying force of evolution. Love is an inherent unifying force meant to evolve personal and collective potential to its highest degree.
  3. Justice maintains the inherent balance of life. Equitable and just relationships on all levels evolve with the increase of social complexity over time.
  4. Unity is the result of the conscious confrontation of opposing forces. The merging of opposites, through transformation, is necessary for growth and evolution.
  5. Reality is one, and global harmony is inevitable. World peace is a promise waiting to be fulfilled; how we get there is up to us to determine.
  6. Revelation is continuous and progressive. The release of spiritual energies always has been, and will be, the inspiration for the evolution of civilization.
  7. Consciousness evolves toward wholeness and unity. Science and religion, two knowledge systems within the same whole, cannot be in opposition.

These seven principles imply one animating force governing both a linear and cyclical process of transformation regulating our evolutionary march onward. As the world’s sacred texts and classic and leading-edge thinkers alike tell us, the essence of these principles is that the need to change, grow, and evolve is the nature of life; the nature of life is to provide a basic opposition by which we grow and evolve; and, the nature of this basic opposition in life is to bring about transformation, which ensures progress.

These seven principles further break down a timeless pattern of evolution, which is guided by a force leading us toward the recognition of our intended oneness. They’ve been derived from the Baha’i teachings and are supported by the mystical traditions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, as well as various indigenous teachings, Hinduism, Zoroastrianism, and Buddhism. They provide a framework for a new story of our time centered upon the idea of the evolution of religion itself.