We all want to be remembered for something. At the heart of everyone’s deep, personally sacred story is how we have received and given love in our lives. It is about the compassion, the kindness, the courage, and the beauty that has come into our lives and that has flowed from us—yet also remained within us—despite, or because of, all the difficulties and challenges we have endured. It is about what it has felt like to be in the sunlight after having been in the shadow. It is about how we have adjusted our inner life to remain in the light as much as possible.

Just as we needed the knowledge of our ancestors, our descendants will need knowledge of us. Leaving a story of our soul-making as a legacy for them is a practice that keeps strong the chain linking the generations.

As the prophets of God bequeath to humanity a priceless heritage, the common, universal wealth of wisdom at the heart of each sacred tradition, we can bequeath to our heirs an individual, spiritual legacy that tells others who we are and what we want to be remembered for.

A material legacy can be as much of a burden as a boon to those who receive it, but a spiritual legacy can only be received and understood as a true gift of the spirit.

Most of us really want to be remembered for who we are at our depths. And what will we find when we do get there? Iraqi tells us what we will find is already in our own story. “Every word of every tongue is Love telling a story to her own ears.” He adds:

Every word of every tongue is

Love telling a story to her own ears

Love courses through everything,

No, Love is everything.

How can you say, there is no love,

When nothing but Love exists?

All that you see has appeared because of Love.

All shines from Love,

All pulses with Love,

All flows from Love—

No, once again, all is Love!

—Fakhruddin Iraqi