DSC_0079             The ancient legends shedding light on the journey of the soul tell us that we already know where we came from and where we are going. The part of us that always remembers, that always lives in close proximity to God, is called the “secret soul” in the Sufi tradition. What we seek is within us, as the sacred traditions also affirm. Our remembrance of this would fundamentally change us and transform all our relationships into relationships of authenticity, respect, and compassion.

            The great mystic poets knew that remembrance links us to the spirit we all possess, which links us to each other, as well. Rumi puts it this way:

                                                            “What I tell about “me” I tell about you

                                                            The walls between us long ago burned down

                                                            This voice seizing me is your voice

                                                            Burning to speak to us of us.”

             Walt Whitman says:

                                                            “I celebrate myself;

                                                             And what I assume you shall assume;

                                                            For every atom belonging to me, as good belongs to you.”

               The practice of remembrance leads us from the depths of ourselves to the heart of our deeper connection with others. Remembering our true origin, identity, and destiny leads us ultimately to the service of humanity, through our own deeds and actions that benefit others.

            What secrets does your soul have to tell you? What is already within you that might lead you beyond yourself? How could remembering what is within you transform present and even future relationships? Ask your soul what it knows about the voice that is the voice of all of us, burning to speak to us of us. How does every atom that belongs to you also belong to everyone?